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Floor Marking Maintenance

Floor Marking MaintenanceInvestment in a new line or floor marking system should be treated with the same respect shown to a new car.  Keep it clean, maintained and repair damage as soon as you find it and the floor marking or coating will last longer.

Cleaning with industrial grade detergents can dull a gloss finish, but it will remove the dirt and oil which is the major contributor to damage and wear of the floor marking.  Dirt acts like an abrasive under the hard wheels of a forklift truck and other MHE, removing it should therefore be a priority.

Sweeping the floor, using a scrubber dryer and general good housekeeping should be adequate to help protect your floor marking.  Our knowledge with floor cleaning machines, detergents and best practices are not scientific but they are tested and they do work.  We can supply machines cleaning agents or simply recommend good suppliers to you.

Good practice considerations to help look after your floor marking and coating systems may be:

  • ‘Lift Clear’ – Ensuring the forklift truck drivers and warehouse operatives lift pallets clear off the floor before manoeuvring.
  • ‘Clean Feet’ – Entrance mats can reduce the amount of dirt and debris carried in on shoes.
  • ‘Floor Watch’ – instil awareness in the workforce to remove debris and harmful objects when they are spotted.
  • ‘Pallet Care’ – removing or repairing damaged pallets will prevent them being dragged and gouging the coating.

If we can help with advice or information in maintaining you floor marking, please feel free to contact us.


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