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We provide a complete floor marking service of floor coatings and line marking which are advanced in technology and durability, not to mention our nationwide project managed installation services.

We understand when you contact us, you are looking for one company to deal with your entire floor marking requirements and for that reason we offer more all round benefit thanks to our concept designs, project management and installation services.  Trained and experienced personnel bring a level of service and expertise which is rare in our industry.

Warehouse & Distribution Centre Floor Coatings

Block coatings should be given serious consideration, a successful coating needs thorough preparation by use of a shot blast machine, diamond floor grinder or other such machinery.  Preparation is imperative as is the removal of dust and debris before paint is applied.  This level of prep provides a fresh surface for the floor coating paint to ‘key’ with to achieve a long-term solution making it very difficult to remove or damage.

Warehouse Lines and Signs use two part epoxy resin based paints as the preferred floor coating substance, though in times when access is limited we may opt for a Methyl Methacrylate compound which cures more quickly and requires a more controlled working area, this does have an impact on cost.

We will discuss every option available to suit your situation because we believe in quality, durability and customer satisfaction, anything less should not be an option.  If you already know the specification required, we would be more than happy to provide a quotation Anti Slip Floor Coatingsand design service so you know it is being handled professionally, and will of course advise you if there is anything we think you should consider.

Anti slip floor coatings are a popular addition in areas which suffer from moisture contamination, often caused when a door is used to access the outside by people and vehicles.

An anti slip floor coating improves the surface by creating a textured finish which in turn presents an improved level of grip for shoes to make contact with.  We alter the level of texture depending of the level of anti slip required.  Added texture can make the coating more prone to wear and damage.

Forklift trucks and material handling equipment (MHE) often suffer around loading bay doors due to water running off the tops of vehicles and being carried in on wheels.  To overcome issues in these areas we work a little harder to provide a long lasting solution due to the wear caused by the weight and wheel types.  In some instances this may be something other than an anti slip floor coating.

Colours are not restricted which means we can apply an anti slip finish in a particular area without it changing the appearance of your warehouse floor marking design and that helps increase awareness in the danger area.

We are happy to talk through your situation and help find the best solution, alternatively contact us to start our quotation.

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