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Warehouse Marking Floor TapeFloor tape has been a staple friend of the warehousing industry for many years, and there are various permutations of adhesive backed materials which classify as floor tape.  We have tried and tested most available and are able to select the best based on price and performance.

Durable Adhesive Floor Marking Tape

PVC tape, Permastripe and vinyl alternative floor tapes can be applied to most surfaces that are free from dust and debris and that present a mostly smooth surface, the difference is in cost and performance.

PVC floor tape is cheap, it is relatively easy to apply, available in a host of colours and most importantly can be removed and replaced with new at low cost.  This allows the customer to update their floor marking configurations with relative ease just when it is needed.  PVC floor tape is a popular choice to help keep costs down.

Permastripe floor tape is a self adhesive backed plastic product which, thanks to its structure, is very easy to apply, extremely tough.  Once you are ready to remove it, Permastripe floor tape can be lifted as a complete unit.  It is a tough product, costs more than PVC floor tape but lasts a lot longer.

To order or discuss our installation services please feel free to contact us, we are happy to talk through the floor marking tape options.

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