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Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian Walkway Line MarkingWarehouse floor marking consists of several design types which are used to identify storage areas, keep clear zones, fire exits and walkways for pedestrians.

Pedestrian walkways are most often used to guide people and ensure vehicles and pedestrians are kept separated.  This is in an effort to reduce the potential for accidents and injuries.

Warehouse Lines and Signs provide suggestions on position, formats and other considerations when designing your layout.  We always recommend concept designs are carried out in conjunction with and passed by, your Health & Safety Officer.

Durable Pedestrian Walkway Floor Marking

To help maximise your budget restraints and supply the best solution possible, we evaluate the area, traffic weight & type and potential damage that may be caused to the floor marking.  This ensures the pedestrian walkway is as durable and long lasting as it can be given these parameters.  We prefer to offer the mostFire Exit Floor Marking durable product, however budgets are often restrictive, for this reason we promise to work in your best interests.

We like to use standard floor marking designs for internal line marking and pedestrian walkways to reflect colours and patterns used on public highways.  This helps people recognise and understand their environment.

Our pedestrian walkways and line marking solutions are installed using diamond shaving and shot blasting technologies where possible and specialist floor coating paint systems.

We are the specialists in this field and understand that you may have many questions, so please contact us to discuss your current situation.

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