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Diamond Shaved Prep

Diamond shaved line marking is the choice of champions, the most durable available.  Advanced diamond technology, and the UK’s most professional installation team result in the most durable method of line marking to date.

This degree of performance is necessary where forklift trucks operate constantly and cause considerable wear in a particular area.  Most line marking systems wear and fail over time, but diamond shaved lines do not sit on top of the concrete which means they are less prone to damage.

Diamond Shaved Method Of Floor Preparation

The term ‘diamond shaved’ relates to the method of floor preparation used prior to the application of an epoxy resin.  Our specialist machine is used to remove the top surface of concrete using diamond cutting technology which effectively ‘shaves’ away 1mm to 3mm of a predetermined width.  The purpose of this is to expose fresh concrete for the paint to key with as well as allowing the paint to become flush or below the main floor surface level.

Once the channel is created we exploit the benefits of a two part epoxy resin paint system, developed, tried and tested against the rigours of the warehouse environment.  The two part epoxy resin not only provides an extremely strong coating, but it lasts and continues to provide a vivid display on the floor.

In some circumstances we may use Methyl Methacrylate, however this increases costs which when unnecessary, we would prevent.

Diamond shaved lines perform better than vacuum shot blasted line marking as the line edges are more vulnerable to damage on vacuum shot blast versions, this can cause the entire line to fail.

To find out more or guide prices please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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