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Shot Blasted Prep

Line Marking Shot Blast MachinePreparing the concrete prior to applying a paint system is fundamentally important to the performance and longevity of floor marking.  Vacuum shot blasted line marking is a term used to describe the method of preparation used.

Warehouse Floor Shot Blasting Preparation

Shot blasting is literally the practice of hitting the floor surface with very small metallic beads, which strips the smooth finish surface to expose a new roughened ‘virgin’ concrete surface.  The fresh concrete beneath is ideal for the paint system to ‘key’ with (adhere).

Warehouse Lines and Signs are not restricted to, nor have a preference for one type of paint or manufacturer which means the paint types available to us are selected because they perform the best.  We will never use inferior products, we select the most appropriate based on the parameters and demands of the environment in which they are to be installed.

The time needed to install vacuum shot blasted lines is Shot Blasted Surfacesignificantly less than the alternative prepared method which makes it a more cost effective and preferred option for those who operate very busy facilities and/or have limited budgets.

To explore this option further or to arrange a site visit please contact us and we will get the ball rolling!

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Shot Blasted Prep
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Floor Marking Maintenance
Why Prepare?
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